Many animals are surrendered to shelters every year due to unresolved behavior issues. With a little effort and commitment on the part of the pet owner, most unwanted behaviors can be corrected or prevented by using humane and proven methods. 

The Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley explores common behavior issues, and endeavors to provide adopters with the behavior support they need. We address the possible causes, as well as offer alternative solutions for correction.  

Our commitment to promoting quality relationships with our pets is significant… If you have a specific behavior or training question, we would like to help! Please call or email us with detailed information.

The Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley supports humane and positive reinforcement training techniques. Through sharing this invaluable information, we hope to promote lasting and rewarding relationships for people and animals alike.

Destructive Chewing


Dinner Table Begging

Jumping Up


Enrichment Tips from Hillary Hayward, the Shelter's Behavior & Training Manager:

As much as physical exercise is important in an animals life, mental exercise is equally important.  Having your pets "work" to eat gives them incredible mental satisfaction and discourages them from boredom/lonely behaviors.

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A couple of things we do at the Shelter include:

  1. Meals stuffed in kong toys
  2. Kongs or cereal boxes stuffed with peanut butter
  3. Rotate toys - this keeps dogs excited about their toys every day
  4. Playing "find it" (hiding treats around the house)
  5. Basic Obedience (check our website for upcoming classes!)
  6. Calming music playing while you're gone

For more information or to register for upcoming obedience classes call the Shelter at 208-788-4351!


Check out our latest video on Enrichment Toys for Dogs!

Puzzle Toys

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