Marmaduke Society


Marmaduke Illustration

The Marmaduke Society was established in 2000 to honor our major donors, who sponsor the care for a dog or cat for an entire year. The program was named after the popular cartoon character Marmaduke, because we thought it befitting and appropriate to name the program after a character that represents America's love for dogs.

Members of this program are honored as the virtual parent of one of our canine or feline friends for the year. The animals remain in the care of the Shelter, while in the hearts of our many wonderful Marmaduke Society members.

Marmaduke Society members can choose to donate at one of six levels:

$10,000    GRAND POOBAH      Donate Now!

$5,000      BIG KAHUNA    Donate Now!

$2,500      EXHALTED RULER   Donate Now!

$1,000      MARMADUKE     Donate Now!   

$500         SNOOPY    Donate Now!                     

$250    GARFIELD  Donate Now!

The $10,000 and $5,000 levels will help in the care and housing of many animals for a year.

The $1000 level was designed to care for a large dog like the Great Dane Marmaduke for one year.

The $500 level was designed to care for an average size dog like the beagle Snoopy for one year.

The $250 level was designed to care for a cat like the cartoon character Garfield for one year.

We invite you to be a member of the Marmaduke Society. If you find it hard to have a pet at home either for lifestyle limitations or medical reasons, or because you're already busting at the seams with four-legged companions, this is a way to pledge support to care for the animals awaiting their forever homes.


 Upon joining the Marmaduke Society, you will receive a photo and biography of the animal that is benefitting from your sponsorship. You also will receive regular updates on your new four-legged friend. When your friend finds a permanent new home, we will notify you and send photos of a new Shelter adoptee.

The programis for a one-year period, starting on the first date of your sponsorship.

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