Foster Program


The ASWRV is currently looking for community members to act as foster parents for some of the shelter's residents. Fostering a shelter animal can be a rewarding experience for both people and the pet. 

 While we do our best to make the Shelter as comfortable and stress free for our residents, some animals have a hard time adjusting to a Shelter environment. Foster parenting offers a crucial support system to a no-kill shelter operation. Animals which need foster care can vary from bottle feeding kittens to dogs recovering from surgery. Often times, our long term residents just need to experience living in a home for a bit so that we can give potential adopters as much information about them as possible.

Foster terms may range from one week to several months, depending on the needs of the animal as well as the availability of the foster parent. The ASWRV will be responsible for all medical needs of the animal and will provide the foster parent with food and toys for the animal.

The ASWRVcat foster program  helps get sick, young or stressed out kitties into a home. We are always in need of volunteers willing to foster stressed adult cats, cats with special dietary needs, or kittens too young for adoption. Upon completeing the application the Shelter staff will see which cat will be best served in your home.

Our canine foster program currently consists of a handful of volunteers which take dogs into their homes to aid them in becoming more adoptable. Many of these dogs are undersocialized, or very stressed in a kennel environment. It becomes apparent, that after even a short time in a foster home, these dogs can truly be wonderful companions.

For more information, or if you think you may have the space and time to open your home to a temporary addition, please contact the ASWRV, or fill out the Volunteer Application and indicate if you would be interested in fostering cats, dogs, small animals, or all of the above!

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