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Last Updated: April 20, 2014

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Amelia,Spayed Female,Akbash Est. DOB 1/06--Amelia was found as a stray,and it seems she was a discarded sheep dog, no longer needed to guard the flocks of sheep. Amelia came to us in rough shape- she was severely underweight, her coat was in poor shape and it was clear she had had multiple litters. She has since gained weight nicely, looks great after being bathed and brushed, and now that she is spayed we will not have to worry about her having more unplanned litters. Amelia is currently living in a foster home, as life at the Shelter was proving to be quite overwhelming for her. She is completely housebroken, friendly with other dogs, walks nicely on a leash and fine when left home alone. Amelia is a bit independent. While she loves to be pet, she is also quite happy lounging on her bed. She is incredibly calm and laid back inside, but loves to go for a run or hike when she is out. Amelia is not a large white Labrador. Adopters should be familiar with the Akbash breed and understand why we do not recommend a home with small children for her. If you are looking for a nice dog who doesn't require much in return, please come meet Amelia, she deserves to spend her golden years in a loving home.

Batman Neutered Male Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier Est DOB 1/13 Size: Small Weight: 9 lbs While he may not be the Caped Crusader, our Batman is still a handsome fellow looking to take down evil and make the world a better place. And while he may be wary of you when you first meet him, its just because his super sonic bat instincts are working overtime, and sometimes its hard for him to immediately trust everyone he meets. However, give him a chance, and this guy will certainly be your loyal best friend, willing to do whatever you ask! He is playful and affectionate and makes the perfect lap dog. He loves going for walks and loves to explore his surroundings! He's made friends with other dogs here at the Shelter, and he'd love to have a sidekick at home, (preferably named Robin), that he can hang out and save the world with.

Neutered Male,Chihuahua,EST DOB 4/12--Beaker was brought to the Shelter after being hit by a car and miraculously he was uninjured! He is a very sweet dog who likes attention and his tail almost always seems to be wagging. Beaker is friendly with other dogs, both large and small. He has a medium energy level, appears to be housebroken and would do best in a home where he would get plenty of attention. He can be initially cautious in new situations so we are recommending a home with children over the age of 6 years.

Bear,Neutered Male,German Shepherd Dog,Est DOB 4/11 Size: Large,Weight: 60 lbs-- Our Bear is more like a teddy bear than a Grizzly. Have you seen his picture? He looks a bit goofy, and we feel that captures his personality well. Bear is a typical GSD. When you first meet him he will be a little wary of you. But give him a day or two to bond, and he will gladly let you give him tummy rubs and he'll follow you around making sure you aren't out of his sight. German Shepherds are notoriously loyal and loving pets. They are smart and athletic and we feel Bear would do best in a home where he got daily exercise. He is friendly with dogs, but will chase cats. Let this teddy Bear become your companion and you are sure to realize what a wonderful dog he is in no time.

Neutered Male,Lab/Pit Bull Estimated DOB 9/10--Beckham is a large and boisterous boy who is ready for any adventure! He is still a puppy at heart, and he is eager to learn. With proper guidance he is learning his manners and proving to be a delight when taken out and about. He is a large, strong dog, and will still try some of his old tricks, like jumping on people, if not managed. Because of his size and puppy like behaviors, we are recommending a home without children under 13 and with an adopter who has experience in positive reinforcement training.

Belle,Spayed Female,Cocker Spaniel mix,Est DOB 4/08,Size: Medium,Weight: 30 lbs--Dogs don't get any sweeter than Belle. This petite girl just loves being with people and she is a great lap dog. It seems she'd been on her own for quite some time prior to being brought to us, so maybe she's just trying to make up for lost cuddle time! Belle is friendly with other dogs, seems friendly the cats here at the Shelter and have we mentioned that she hasn't met a person she doesn't like? Belle has a beautiful long coat, which will require some grooming, but she doesn't mind being brushed, and will happily sit with you while you make her even prettier. She'd love daily walks and a family who will dote on her. Being as lovely as she is, that shouldn't be tough to do!

Spayed Female,Pit Bull Terrier,Est. DOB 11/11-- This outgoing girl is ready to make you happy! She knows what she wants, and what she wants is a forever home! Betty has proven to be a loyal and loving companion who is happy to share her home with cats and dogs. If Betty weren't a dog, she may try to become a professional cuddler. She seems to excel at getting attention and has perfected the art of being a 65 pound lap dog. She likes to be the leader of the pack, and she'll need an adopter who won't be swayed by her charm, and will make sure she knows the house rules. She'd do best with daily exercise and we hope her adopter will continue her obedience training, so all she's learned isn't lost. If you are looking for a large lap dog who is also a fantastic outdoor companion, come meet Betty!

Billy,Neutered Male,Labrador mix,Est DOB 4/13,Size: Large Weight: 90 lbs--Large, loveable and laugh out loud goofy, Billy has all the makings of a great family companion! Billy loves being with people, and he has an outgoing, social personality. He is a large dog, perhaps mixed with a Mastiff or St.Bernard, he has large jowls and a very large head. While he may knock over small children accidentally, we feel he would be fine in a home where children were monitored around him. Billy is friendly with dogs and seems fine with cats here at the Shelter. We feel he would be a great dog for a first time pet owner or someone looking to add a nice dog to their family pack.

Neutered Male,Pit Bull Terrier mix,Estimated DOB 6/11--Bronco was a man about town when his owners left him behind, until an animal control officer brought him to us, hoping he would find a true home and family to call his own. Bronco is a great dog. He's got lots of energy and lots of personality. He loves playing with other dogs, but he's got a rough and tumble play style, which some more reserved dogs may not appreciate. He is quickly learning all his manners and proving to be a smart boy who is eager to please. We feel Bronco would do best in a home where he'd receive daily exercise and some more work on his obedience training. He'd love to join a group obedience class or try his paw at agility. Because of his size and high energy level we are recommending a home with older children who can handle his strength. Bronco is ready to show you what a great part of your family he can be!

Spayed Female,German Wirehair Pointer/Lab mix,Est DOB 9/12- Clover had a rough beginning, living outdoors without much human contact, but her personality here at the Shelter shows us what a resilient and loving dog she truly is. Clover needs confidence building and she needs to be exposed to new places and people in order for her to overcome her naturally shy personality. When she meets new people she wiggles her way over to them and it becomes quite obvious how much she loves being with people. We imagine she will become a loyal and loving dog once in a home,and with a consistent routine, and it won't take her long to overcome her timidness. Clover is friendly with other dogs, and a confident canine in the house may help her blossom. She has a moderate energy level and appears to be housebroken. We are recommending a home with children over the age of 10 years.

Neutered Male,Brittany Spaniel,Est DOB 4/10-- Looking for a pet who will coach you through those last few miles? Or a coach who won't let you skip a workout just because it is a little windy out? Well, we have the perfect Coach for you! Our Coach wants to get out for a run everyday. Three miles would be fine, but 8 miles would be even better. He'd like to help you work on your mental game as well- he loves working on training and he's always up for some mental or physical challenges. He is very affectionate once he gets to know you, and he doesn't mind if other canines join in on the fun! He seems overly interested in cats, so we think he should be in a feline free home. Lovers of the breed, or adopters looking for a smart, trainable and high energy dog should really consider this Coach.

Columbo,Neutered Male,Hound mix,Est DOB 4/07, Size: Medium, Weight:30 lbs-- Like any good detective, especially one as famous as his namesake. Columbo is ready to solve any mystery. His nose is ready to work and he'd love daily chances to get out and solve the mysteries of the world with you. Columbo is not looking to work alone. He enjoys being with people, and thinks things are always more fun when he has someone to share his adventures with. At 7 years old he has his manners in place and is a very distinguished gentleman. He is friendly with dogs, has been friendly with the cats here at the Shelter and we feel he would make a great family dog. Feeling nostalgic for characters of the past? Let our Columbo create new memories with you!

Neutered Male,Pit Bull Terrier,Est. DOB 7/13-- This handsome fellow is looking for a home where he can show you just how great he is! Derp is smart and eager to learn, two of the best qualities you can find in a dog! He's still a pup, and hasn't been taught much yet, but here at the Shelter he is proving to be a joy to work with and he is already becoming a well mannered young dog. Derp is friendly with other dogs, but he may try to chase a cat. Because he is young and strong we are recommending a home with children above the age of 8 years. We feel he would do best in a home where he would get daily exercise and his learning would continue into adulthood.

Dodson,Neutered Male,Border Collie mix,Est DOB 11/13,Size: Medium,Weight: 35 lbs--Good looking and full of pep, some people confuse his name for Datsun, and while his name does sound similar to the automobile, this boy is sure to be more reliable, and attentive to your every need. Dodson is typical of his breed in that he will need an adopter dedicated to give him daily exercise and making sure his mind his active as well. He's a quick learner and eager to please and we feel he will be a great puppy to work with and continue training with. Dodson is very friendly with dogs, and while he may want to chase after a cat who flees, he is not outwardly aggressive to them. Because of his breed mix and propensity to be a bit mouthy when excited we are recommending a home with older children.

Spayed Female,German Wirehaired Pointer/Lab mix Est. DOB 1/12--Emma is a sweet dog who is happy go lucky and always ready for a new adventure. She is very friendly with dogs, but cannot be in a home with cats. She is well mannered and eager to please. She will need daily exercise, her breed mix indicates that she will do best in an active home that takes daily exercise seriously. That said, after a good workout she is more than happy to cuddle on the couch or hang out at home. Emma has lived in a home with children and done well with them, and we feel she would make a great family dog.

Gene Kelly,Neutered Male,Pit Bull,Est DOB 12/15/03-- Gene Kelly has been waiting for his forever home for quite some time. He was at a neighboring shelter for over 6 months without any interest. Sure, Gene is an older gentleman, but he would like you to know that 10 is definitely the new 5. Gene is playful, active and always ready for an adventure. He loves to go for hikes, is friendly with other dogs, and loves everyone he meets. He likes cats a bit TOO much, so can't go into a home with them, and we actually feel he would prefer a home as the only dog as well. Gene Kelly is a wonderful dog, and we're hopeful he will find the perfect adopter now that he is here in the Wood River Valley!

Spayed Female,German Shepherd/Lab mix,Est DOB 7/09--Goose is a lovely dog who is looking for an adopter that will get her out for daily exercise and make her a true member of the family. While a bit overweight, she is still a playful dog who enjoys walks, playing with other dogs and spending as much time with people as possible. She is friendly with children and has lived with them before, and has lived with another dog in the home as well. Goose is crate trained, housebroken and fine when left home alone. In fact, we feel she should transition into a new home easily, as she has all her house manners and knows her basic obedience as well! This all around great dog is hoping for a short stay here at the Shelter!

Neutered Male,German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix,Est DOB 3/09--Jake was abandoned by his owner when he moved and decided he could not take him. Jake is a very nice dog who enjoys being around people. He is friendly with dogs and has an easygoing personality. Jake can be a bit nervous in new situations, but with some gentle guidance he easily overcomes this and his happy personality shows itself again. Jake does have some manners in place already, he seems to be housebroken and he seems very eager to please. If you are looking for an all around nice dog, Jake is definitely worth a visit!

Jill,Spayed Female,Chihuahua,Est DOB 4/13 Size: Small,Weight: 11 lbs-- Jill is one of the more adorable dogs we've had at the Shelter. She loves snuggling up to people and she has a quiet, wise manner about her that makes you believe she understands everything she is saying. But don't be fooled. She also has a playful and outgoing side. One where she'll dance around and try to engage you in play. She is very friendly with other dogs, and while we have no history of her with cats, we feel she would most likely be fine with them. Because she can be a bit timid when she first meets you, she may do best with children who will not overwhelm her. This is an all around great dog and we hope she finds her forever home soon!

Kelly,Spayed Female,Shih Tzu mix,Est DOB 4/12,Size: Small Weight: 9.9 lbs-- Kelly loves kisses. We know this because every time we see her we can't help but smother her with kisses! This adorable dog was found wandering with two of her friends, sadly abandoned and looking for someone to take them in. While a bit shy, Kelly does love attention, and she enjoys being with people. She is friendly with dogs and seems uninterested in cats. We are recommending a home with older children due to her timid nature.

Spayed Female, Border Collie mix,Est DOB 2/06--Lupine is an energetic and active dog and despite her age of 8 years, she still has lots of pep in her step. Lupine will need a home where she gets consistent exercise and consistent direction. She is smart and does best when she knows what is expected of her. She has lived with both cats and dogs, and while she can be a bit bossy with dogs, she is friendly with them. She enjoys her food and treats and can be a bit intense with them, so we are recommending a home that does not have children under the age of ten years. Lupine will make an excellent companion for an active home looking for a smart, fun dog.

Macie,Spayed Female,Airedale/Australian Shepherd/Old English Sheepdog DOB 6/6/12,Size: Medium,Weight: 68 lbs What a lovely dog Macie is! She's smart and social and loves being with people. In her last home she didn't get much attention or exercise, so she's looking for an adopter who will get her out daily and make her a part of the family. She is friendly with dogs, but hasn't ever lived with a cat. While we do not feel she would be aggressive to cats, she may have a tendency to chase them. Macie has lived with children and done well with them. When excited she sometimes forgets her size and may accidentally knock over a small child, so we are recommending a home with children over the age of 6 years. If you are looking for an adorable dog who loves to hike and loves to learn, Macie is waiting for you to meet her!

Muffin,Spayed Female,Cairn Terrier mix,Est DOB 4/12,Size: Small,Weight: 10 lbs--Small in stature but not in personality, this adorable dog is looking to find a home that will spend lots of time with her and let her perfect her skills as a lap dog. Lets be honest, Muffin is adorable. And while not edible, she is sweet enough to want to kiss! Muffin is social and friendly, but a tad bit shy when she first meets people. She is friendly with other dogs and does not seem very interested in cats. We are recommending a home with children over the age of 10 years and a home that will help build her confidence.

Nova,Spayed Female,Lab/Pit Bull mix,Est DOB 2/12-- Loveable and goofy Nova is more than ready to find her forever home! Given up when her family moved and couldn't take her along, she is ready to show a committed family what a great dog she is. Nova is great with dogs, but chases cats. She is friendly with everyone she meets and we feel she would do well in a home with children over the age of 6 years. She is eager to please and easy to train and she would love a home where she could get daily exercise. Sweet Nova is proving to us what an adoptable and great dog she is, take her home and let her show you, too!

Piper,Spayed Female,Border Collie,Est. DOB 4/13,Size: Medium,Weight: 36 lbs--Piper is ready for you to come meet her so she can win you over with her great personality. She is smart, eager to learn and a social butterfly. While still young, she's got her manners in place and her go to move is to sit rather than jump on you. How lovely is that? She is typical of her breed in that she yearns for an adopter ready to give her clear direction and engage her mind as well as her body in activities. She's friendly with dogs and has already made good canine friends here at the Shelter. This is a dog who is bursting with potential and is sure to be a fun dog to have in your home!

Sabrina,Spayed Female,Chihuahua,Est DOB 4/13,Size: Small,Weight:8 lbs--Sabrina is no teenage witch, she was actually named for one of Charlie's Angels (the prettiest of the three if you were to ask her..). Like the Angel for which she was named, our Sabrina is strong, sassy and loves taking on any task assigned to her! She would love to have a sidekick in her new home that can help show her the ropes, and she does well with both cats and dogs. Sabrina would love to be a lap dog, and unlike the human for whom she was named, she feels she would actually do better hanging out making you happy than trying to fight crime. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body, and that makes it hard for her to be much of a protector or guard dog.... If you are looking for a lovely lady, come by and meet Sabrina!

Spayed Female,Shepherd/Lab mix,Est DOB 8/12--Sara came to the Shelter with her sister Sable, after their elderly owner was no longer able to care for them. They are both very nice dogs, Sara being the more reserved and introspective of the two. Sara enjoys being around other dogs and seems to gain some confidence being with them. She is gentle and well mannered and with some gentle guidance we feel she has lots of potential. Sara is a bit overweight, so she would love a home that would give her daily exercise and keep her on a bit of a diet. Still young, she has many years to show her adopter just how great a dog she is.

Stretch,Neutered Male,Miniature Dachshund,Est DOB 4/06,Size: Small,Weight: 13 lbs--We know, we know, Stretch is not the most original name for a Dachshund. But the great news is that if you come adopt this fantastic dog, you can name him whatever you like! It's no stretch to say that this is a lovely dog who deserves nothing but the best forever home. And we don't think we'd be stretching the truth by telling you that he is friendly and social, good with other dogs and very well mannered. And while it may be a stretch to say he's a youngster, he's still got pep in his step and would make a great walking companion. So, come adopt him and help us help you by not stretching your limitations on how much of his bio you can read!

Neutered Male,Pit Bull Terrier,Estimated DOB 3/11--Stuey arrived as a stray and he is eager to find a forever home where he can show what a great dog he is capable of being. Stuey is large and energetic. At times he uses his size to his advantage,but he is eager to learn and with the right tools, such as a Gentle Leader, he is easy to walk on leash. Stuey knows some tricks and he is always happy to show off. He is very playful with other dogs and has made lots of canine friends here at the Shelter. We are unsure how he would be with cats. Because of his size and energy level we are recommending a home with children over the age of 13 years.

Taquito,Neutered Male, Chihuahua mix,Est DOB 09/13,Size:Small,Weight: 9 lbs--Sometimes the best things come in small packages. That's the case with Taquito at least. This little guy is a social and friendly dog who loves everyone. We think he may be a new designer breed-anyone heard of a "Pocket Shepherd?" With his big ears, pointy noise but small stature he makes the perfect lap dog who looks like a big dog! Taquito is still a pup, so reinforcing his housetraining will be a must, and be prepared for some puppy behavior, such as frequent bursts of energy and playing with toys. This dog is ready to find his forever home!

Xena,Spayed Female,Mastiff/Border Collie Est DOB 4/11,Size: Large Weight: 45 lbs--You read that correctly, and while Border Collie/Mastiff isn't a typical breed mix, we were told that is in fact what makes up Xena's DNA. What resulted by the pairing was a smart, athletic dog who loves people and has a great personality. Xena is incredibly eager to learn and incredibly smart. She picks up training quickly, and she'll need an adopter who will keep her mind active. Did we mention she loves people? She doesn't know the word stranger, as she thinks everyone is her new friend! Xena is a bit too intense with cats and won't be able to live with one, and while she is friendly with dogs, sometimes she gets overly excited to meet them. Xena is an absolutely lovely dog, and our hope is she will find a home that appreciates all she has to offer.

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