Cat Socializer


Support Staff:  Cattery Caretaker/Facilities Manager 

Duties:  Interact & provide socialization (fun!) for shelter cats & kittens; Promote touching and human bonding which improves adoptability; Assess temperament and personality traits – record observations in cat files; Alert cat caretaker of any noted health concerns; 

Required Training:  Attend volunteer orientation; On site orientation and training with cat caretaker; Call the office to schedule on-site orientation; 

Qualifications:  Genuine concern for the welfare of cats that is compatible with the philosophy of the ASWRV; Experience in handling cats and a knowledge of their boundaries and body language; Ability to work independently but within shelter guidelines; 

Time Commitment:  There is no minimum time commitment required, however, the best results are achieved with more consistent and frequent visits. We recommend at least 2 hours per week during normal shelter hours (access to the shelter is also available during days and times that are closed to the public). 

Significance of job to the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley:  A shelter environment is often a very stressful and complex experience for cats, especially those animals that were once in home environments. It lacks the affection, freedom and regular stimulation that felines require to lead satisfying lives. The role of the volunteer cat socializer provides a vital outlet helping the cats to better cope with the temporary restrictions of their lifestyle. In addition, consistent interaction, temperament observations, and the tenderness that they receive from you has proven to increase the rate of successful adoptions. 

Pet Pal Program

The Pet Pal Feline program is designed to improve the adoptability of the shelter cats, improve their quality of life while at the shelter, and improve their ability to become better feline citizens. The primary focus of the volunteer is to interact with the cats including petting, grooming, holding and playing with the cats. The volunteers document their hours spent interacting with the cats as well as any medical or social issues of any of the cats.

For additional information or to join the Pet Pal program, please contact The Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley 788.4351 or email the shelter at

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