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Last Updated: April 16, 2014

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Annabel, Spayed Female, DLH, EST DOB 2/7/11, When Annabel's owners moved and left her behind, a concerned citizen brought her to the Shelter and out of the cold. Annabel is a sweet cat, who is a bit reserved here, but it obvious she really enjoys attention. She has lived with dogs, and doesn't seem to mind them, and she is uninterested in the cats she shares her room with her at the Shelter. Annabel would do best in a home without a lot of noise, or young children. She loves to be a lap cat, but is never overbearing in her need for attention. She'll need regular grooming in order to look her best, but she enjoys being pet and brushed, and will purr as you groom her.

Bella Spayed Female, DSH, Est. DOB 1/13, Bella is a very sweet cat who enjoys attention and is social and outgoing. She has lived with other cats and appears to be friendly with the cats she meets here at the Shelter. We feel she would make a lovely family companion and settle in well to just about any loving home.

Bubbie,Spayed Female, Domestic Longhair, Est. DOB 1/09, Bubbie is a great cat who has lived in a home and been a great companion for her people. Unfortunately, allergies prevented the family from keeping her, but she is described as a friendly, playful and affectionate cat. Here at the Shelter she gets along great with the cats she shares her room with (in fact she and Chris have become fast friends) and she loves everyone who comes in and gives her attention. If you are prepared for some weekly grooming, we think you'll love having Bubbie as a companion!

Chaz, Spayed Female, DSH, Estimated DOB 12/01/06,Chaz is an affectionate and sweet girl who loves to be petted. She would love a home where she can be the center of attention.

Collette,Spayed Female, DMH, Est DOB 5/13, Collette is a friendly and affectionate cat who enjoys attention and loves a scratch under her chin. She is friendly with other cats and would probably be fine living with cats and dogs. She is still quite playful and would be sure to want to interact with every family member.

Denver,Neutered Male, DSH, Estimated DOB 10/05, Denver is one cool cat. Not much seems to faze him, and he is ready to slide right into a new home and hang out with his new family. He is outgoing and personable, but also mellow and happy to nap in the sun. He seems fine with other cats and friendly dogs don't bother him at all. If you are looking for a friendly family cat, be sure to come meet Denver!

Ginger, Spayed Female,DSH, Est. DOB 02/11, Ginger was a bit shy when she first arrived at the shelter, but she has made quite the turn around. This beautiful girl now loves attention and comes up to everyone who comes into her room. She loves to be pet and sit on your lap and be held in your arms. She seems to get along fine with the other cats in her room. We think ginger would do be best in a quiet home where she can get lots of attention and have a warm lap to nap on.

Granny, Spayed Female, DSH, Est DOB 03/02, Named for her elderly status as well as for how loving she is, Granny is a great senior cat! She enjoys attention and is very social and affectionate. Granny appears to be in fairly good health, but she does have hyper thyroidism and will require daily medication. She has some vision loss, but still gets around fine and she is able to jump onto the perches in her room. Granny is an all around lovely cat and we hope that she does not remain homeless for long!

Holly, Spayed Female, DSH,DOB 12/20/2010, Holly came to us as a stray and was sadly never reclaimed by her owner. It is clear this girl has been in a home before. She is sweet, affectionate and gentle. She would love nothing more than a forever home where she can be doted upon.

Est DOB 9/15/13 Kittens don't get any cuter! Jasper is sweet and affectionate and quite playful too!

Jax,Neutered Male,Maine Coon, Est DOB 1/08, Cats don't get anymore handsome than Jax. Brought in with his friend Max when allergies became an issue for his adopters, Jax is now looking for a second chance at a forever home. He is outgoing and affectionate and would love a home where he would get plenty of attention. His long beautiful coat will require regular grooming, but that is something he thoroughly enjoys.

Kitty Boo Boo, Spayed Female, DSH, Est DOB 11/95, At 18 years of age, Kitty Boo Boo's life was turned upside down when her family decided they could no longer care for her and brought her to the Shelter. Staff were surprised that Kitty Boo Boo was in such fine shape, appearing much younger than her birthday indicated! Still, being in a Shelter was stressful for her so she was quickly moved into a loving foster home until her forever home can be found! Kitty Boo Boo is friendly and outgoing. She is fine with other cats and friendly with dogs as well. This senior girl has lots of personality and is looking for a loving forever home where she can spend her golden years

Max, Neutered Male/Declawed, DSH, Est DOB 6/08, Max is a handsome cat who enjoys getting attention. Brought in with Jax, the two are quite bonded and would love a home together. Max is friendly with cats and has lived harmoniously with dogs before. He would make a great family pet, as he likes getting attention and is quite laid back.

Moonie, Spayed Female, DLH, DOB 1/1/2005,Moonie came to us when a kind citizen brought her in, after they realized she had been abandoned. She is a very sweet girl, but a little shy here at the shelter. We feel that once an adopter gains her trust she will be a very loving and affectionate companion

Ohana,Spayed Female, DLH/Munchkin, Est DOB 4/12, Ohana, which means family in Hawaiian, is looking for a family who will dote on her and give her lots of love. Initially a bit shy, she warms up with attention and likes to be involved with the going ons of the household. She seems friendly with other cats, but a household with rambunctious dogs and children may be too much for her. She has a beautiful coat which will need regular brushing.

Partridge, Spayed Female, DSH, DOB 12/20/2010, Partridge came to us with her three kittens. She is a very loving and affectionate cat. We think she would do well in any home where she can get lots of attention, and would make a great family cat.

Popeye, Neutered Male, DSH, Est DOB 1/20/09, Popeye is a handsome and affectionate cat. Here at the Shelter he is a bit reserved, but once he receives some attention his true personality shines. He is friendly with other cats and does not seem too bothered by dogs. We are recommending a home with older children due to his somewhat reserved nature.

Est DOB 9/15/13 With her unique markings, Poppy certainly stands out! She is sweet and affectionate and certainly a kitten, as she loves to play with string and fuzzy mice!

Rascal,Neutered Male, DSH, Estimated DOB 3/13, Rascal doesn't really live up to his name, but we felt Lovebug wasn't manly enough for him. This kitty is a great snuggler, and has a purr that all the other cats envy. He is still a kitten in that he loves to play and we feel he would do best in a home with adopters who want a social, inquisitive and outgoing companion. Rascal is a real charmer, so be prepared that when you meet him, you may not be able to say goodbye!

River,Spayed Female, DSH, DOB 3/7/05, River is a beautiful cat. She is friendly and affectionate but can appear a bit standoffish at first. She is friendly with other cats and does not seem bothered by friendly dogs. She would make a great family companion and with her cute meow she is sure to entertain you!

Sassy,Spayed Female,DSH, Estimated DOB 1/03, Sassy was given up to the shelter in her senior years for no fault of her own. She's a lovely kitty with lots to say and she would love a home where she could cuddle and be the center of attention. Sassy has lived with both cats and dogs and seems to do well with both. While she is a senior cat she has a bit of spunk and she still has lots of personality. We're hoping she won't have to spend her golden years without a family of her own.

Wink, Spayed Female, DLH/Maine Coon, Est DOB 03/04, Wink was surrendered to the Shelter when her owners moved and could not take her along. Wink is a gorgeous cat with gorgeous markings and long, soft fur. She enjoys attention and is a social kitty who we feel would do well in a home where she would get plenty of attention. Wink lost a battle with a magpie which resulted in the loss of an eye. Even so she gets around well and appears much younger than her age indicates

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